Question more then confession

Me and my friends were talking about "the one that got away". all of my friends are guys and i am the only girl in our social circle unless they bring a girlfriend into it. i said i dont think i have ever had a boyfriend i would like to get back with. we always joke that i have the worse taste in men and i dont think i would like to see any of them again. but all of my friends said they had one. a girl they loved and still love to this day. but because they were young and stupid and treated them badly they can never tell them how they feel now. but what i found fascinating was that they all said that these ex's who they still have feeling for are the ones that they now compare all girls to. and the girl they spend there life with will be the closest runner up to their first love.

so my question are -
is this right? do all guys feel like this?

and does this mean that if i meet a guy am i just going to be runner up to someone else?

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