I'm so sorry...

You should've apologized.
I should've forgiven you.
You should've stopped acting like everything was normal.
I should've just let go.
You should've confronted it, instead of ignoring it and pretending it never happened.
I should've not force you to face the facts, over and over again.
You should've replied.
I shouldn't have.
You should've told me you'd help me and make things better when I needed you.
I should've let myself believe you because I know it's true.
You should've acted serious, should have showed some emotion.
I should've stopped being so dramatic, emotional about every little thing.
But in the end, I'm at fault.
Why? Because you gave me a chance to forget it and let go. And all I wanted to do was make you feel as miserable as me. I held the grudge.

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