Traveling Tryst

I work for a large corporation that services a local hospital. I struck up a friendship with a very good looking nurse. Depending on our schedule, we get together for a weekend tryst, about two to five times a year. Never locally but in various cities around the country, at random. Our favorite is a corporate condo in Destin, Florida. We enjoy each others company and with my expense account, we enjoy the finer moments in life. It's like a weekend in Fantasy Land then we both go back home to the mundane world of married life. This has been going on for about twelve years now. I had a psychologist friend tell me that this life style is somewhat common because the stress of kids, bills, soccor, husband/wives, does not get in the way of the relationship. Does anyone else enjoy this blessing?

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  • Yes, I do. With my *wife*. Because we were smart and made life choices so that we don't contend with all the baggage you're whining about.

    You may have a newer car or a bigger house than I do, and therefore think you're "better than" someone like me. Lol, wrong answer buddy! Ask my wife, the beautiful sexy-assed creature whom I've never once "had to" cheat on because I was too busy cultivating a slick image to create a life worth living.

  • what goes around. comes around.

  • and my wife does. She loves NYC. Kids are grown, bills are paid, no divorce lawyers, alimony or regret. I guess I could go play golf. {:P

  • What was the movie with Alan Alda ... Same Time Next Year?

  • So you cheat on your spouse and you're trying to make it sound okay or acceptable by saying it's a "weekend in Fantasy Land"? WTF ever. Maybe your spouse should take an extended break from you. Hmmmm.

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