Bad Alcoholism and a mental health facilty

I want to hear the truth from all of you,and i want an honest answer.Should bad Alcoholic's,who break the law,or do the Drunk tank more than once or ten or 15 time's a month.Should these bad Alcoholic's stay in jail for much more than 8 hour's.or should they stay in jail for a week or a month.and if these bad Alcoholic's get much badder.Should they go to a Mental health Facilty.and stay there(under Arrest) for much longer than a year or two year's.Or even 5 year's.until there bad Alcoholism is gone.Until they lose the power to getting drunk.And getting away with the crime of breaking the Law.Threatening people for no good reason,other than to say-i am drunk,DEAL WITH IT-YOU P****.Should they be locked up in the Mental Ward,at a Mental health Facilty.Until there bad Alcoholism is gone for good.Do you all agree or the Police like what i am saying.please tell me what you all think about my post on the crime of Ignore-ing mental health of bad Alcoholic's.

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