Old-fashioned, not lazy

I desperately want to be a house wife. Not because I have some idealized concept of it, but because I love the idea of raising children and being home with them, of caring for my significant other and our family, and in some ways, deferring to the decisions of the person " in charge", letting them worry over the finances and whatnot while I focus on my kids. I feel like it'll never actually happen, though, because I'm a lesbian and I've yet to meet a girl who was both fun to be with AND responsible enough to be the only bread-winner in the family--or that would be willing to take on that responsibility even if they were capable of it. The idea of raising children with any of the women I've dated makes me cringe, and so I keep putting it off. I worry that if I keep waiting, one day it'll be too late, and I'll never get the family I want.

Long story short? My secret: Sometimes I consider dating and marrying a man, pretending to be in love with him, just so I can live out my fantasy of living the life of a 1950's housewife.


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  • Lazy, not old-fashioned.

  • You sound cute .. and im a straight girl.

  • I'm straight so maybe I don't understand, but there aren't career oriented lesbians who love the idea of having someone else take care of all the housework stuff? Really? I think the idea of having my boyfriend stay home and cook me dinner, clean the house, and do all the stuff I hate while I work a sixty-plus work week sounds awesome. Maybe you need to expand your dating horizons (to other types of women, not to men). Surely there is a woman out there who would LOVE having someone take care of the home-front so she can take care of building her career. I mean, if you want to be the stereotypical 1950's housewife, there's got to be a woman out there who wants to be the stereotypical 1950's breadwinner.

  • Ha that will never work for you

  • As long as you put out on a regular basis and at least pretend to enjoy it, I think it could work. You also could set up the occasional date night that included a threesome, to keep you stoked a little in the girl-girl department.

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