I Need To Stop Thinking About You

I met a boy at the club, we had fun and I thought it'll be the last I'll hear from him. I've never kept in contact with anyone from a night out; he being the exception. He told my friends he's into me, but really afraid to take anything a step further. I've been mind fcuked by him countless times, it's so difficult for me to decipher his thoughts. I'm tired of waiting, and hopelessly thinking we'll be anything more. I know I've been played, but I just..can't seem to get over him.

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  • He's an a******.
    I had a similar experience, but I can promise you someday your heart will learn to let go :)
    But whatever you do, don't go chasing after him, please :)

  • ignore him every time, just like he does not exist

  • Watch out for them rakes. They'll getcha!

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