I like guys

Though I am married and love s** with women...I love a good man too. Love getting him hard, and place it in my mouth. I'd hate to have my wife know...but I can't stop myself.

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  • You are a horrible person. Not for being bi but for cheating on your wife. Get a divorce or go off and be a man w**** like you are or give it up.

  • You want this big thing in your mouth right now, dont you. I have a big f****** load ready to shoot down your throat. F*** your wife. You are my b**** and you will do what I tell you to do. And enough of this messing around. You will not only suck my c*** you will take it up the ass. I will be kind and use lube because it is so big. It will hurt at first but soon you will be begging me for more.

  • Wow, yes please. LOL

    You have no idea how turned on I got from your forceful tone. :)

  • Admit it, YOU ARE GAY!!!!

  • I will give you "BI!!!" but I will not give you "GAY!!!!"

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