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Well, I'm in love with her. Him? Her? I'm in love with a transgendered boy. A boy trapped in a girls body. That doesn't bother me at all, I accept him. I'm a girl, I'm known as a lesbian, but when it comes to him, I'm just...ugh. I don't even know what to do. He;s amazing. He's beautiful inside and out. we have the most awkward conversations, and we don't have a lot in common and sometimes there's just silence and...I know it would never work. He likes boys. So this makes hi look like a straight girl. It just gives me no hope. The one thing I look forward to everyday is seeing him smile, and hearing him laugh. It just makes my day, every day. I don't care if he doesn't like me back, I don't care if we barely actually speak, I don't care that the majority of our talking is conducted online through e-mail. As long as I am able to talk to him and cheer him up or at east be there to listen, that's all that matters. he means the world to me, more than he thinks. And he's always so depressed...I want to change the world for him. Make him who he really is, to just make his life better, even if he just leaves afterwards and never talks to me again. At least he's happy. I don't know why I liked him in the first place. Besides those beautiful green eyes that I swear to whatever god are blue.. or his super soft hair or his killer mile that gives me a dopey blushy grin every time I see it. The look in his eye when we have that strangely often eye contact and I just fall right into him. I'll never have him, and I've accepted that. but he takes me breathe away, even when he's picking on me for no reason, making me feel stupid all the time, or me mothering him to make sure he's okay and happy. If I don't do that for him, I don't know who will and I would rather take care of him, than have him be all alone. I'm in love with him, and I've been trying to ignore it, but that's the truth. And I hate it.

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  • I know he isn't a straight girl. I was using that as a visual for those who had a hard time understanding. I'm not a lesbian, but im labeled as one, so whatever. I understand, just wanted to clear that up.

  • You are in love with HIM. He is a boy, even if he is pre-op and hasn't had a s** change. He is not a straight girl, and he never was. Gender is in your head, s** between your legs. He's always been a male. If he likes guys he is gay, and if you like girls you are a lesbian. Therefore there is no way for a lesbian to date a gay guy. You'll just have to remain friends and get over this crush.

  • Annd in response to the first comment, I'm preeeettty sure I get it by now. He likes BOYS. I'm not a BOY here. It's not really that hard...if I had any impossible hope, it would be the hope that he not have to move in the summer. But that's inevitable too.

  • ...What? Why are you making me sound obsessed? I love him. That's it. I don't stalk him, I'm not going to rape him. I have no ulterior motives. My liking him doesn't mean anything will change. This was more for me to get it off my chest.I don't need advice....

  • I disagree with the comment earlier. I do believe you have accepted the fact that you can't have him. I believe what you have is true love and the most important thing to him, is that you are a true devoted friend. Never, ever leave his side, he'll always appreciate a dear friend like you!

  • Ha!. First commenter here. The last thing he needs out of a friend is everlasting l***. A good friendship doesn't come with ulterior motives.

  • I don't think you've come close to accepting the reality of the situation, even though you say you have. He is unattainable in the way you want him. Yet you continue to believe in possibilities that do not exist. You need to look objectively at what you can really be to each other and decide if that will ever be enough. If not, move on.

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