I <3 you guys!

So i decided to tell my friends what i think of them so here i go =p

CORY!!! you are the most wonderful person ever! you always help me when i come to you for things. you are so caring and are yourself! and no matter what i tell you about me, you never judge me. and you dont think its weird that im attracted to bi guys haha well anyways, i love being around you and i hope we stay friends forever bc idk what i would do without you! <3

dianna~ you are so amazing you are so pretty and you are yourself no matter whos around! i know you dont like who you are sometimes and wish or hope to be different, but you shouldnt bc you are beautiful,fun,real, and all around a good friend! dont change for anyone! bc you are too awesome to change! e need to hang out more!

~CaReY~ you are my best friend, i can do anything to you( haha) and around you and it wouldnt be weird or awkward. we have an awesome time when we are together! i think we have lik e 17 or 18 now ya? but you are sometimes way to not confident which you shouldnt be bc you have an awesome personality, so pretty and a total dork! lately youve been down and not being mean but its bringing me down and i dont like it. but i still love you hah

~ love
trixi ;)

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  • I went and spent a lot of money on outfits for my dad to help him to feel more manly and strong in a cheap business outfit but he really needs some business jackets and I need to look around for some cheap ones. This poor man needs a job.

  • What miserable rotten bullshit, go out into the real world and you'll never see any of those sons of b****** again.

  • Your so sweet!!!! :) I <3 u!

  • dear idaho!!!
    we so need to play leap frog soon...
    i miss you!! <3
    - Texican

  • This is very sweet, but you should tell them, not an anoymous message board. I am sure they'd love to hear these things in person.

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