A couple weeks ago I went to Idaho with the family. The friday of that week I was gone my best friend threw herself at my boyfriend and gave him a b******* (funny twist, two weeks before she gave his best friend a bj). He stopped her in the middle of it. They were both high, because they'd just gotten back from a concert. The day after it happened she told me, and I dumped him. Two days after that I tried to kill myself. I started cutting again. I stopped eating. And he's begging to get me back. I don't know what to do. I love him more than anything still. And I want to take him back...
And you know whats the kick? Shes 13. He and I are 14. Whats happened to the younger generation?
We're barely teenagers for god's sake! Four years ago we were still in grade school. And now, cheating and lying and betraying.
Isn't life just grand!

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  • Why the f*** do you care about a d********* who would let your best friend blow him the minute you left town? What makes you think he wouldn't do that again? I know, they both swear they only did it because they were high.. blah, blah, blah. What crap. She blew him because she has s*** for self esteem and wanted his praise (and to have something that's yours, so there's some jealously there as well). He let her blow him (and don't accept the bs that they stopped half way through, that's crap his s**** is in her gut and on her dress) and will bang the next tramp that drops to her knees.

    Dump both of them, get some therapy, stop the cutting and self pity crap and move on with your life.

  • When you get older, you will use terms like "train wreck" to describe this.

  • LIfe is grand. But this cutting stuff is not. Neither is people so young pushing the sexual stuff before they are able to handle the aftermath.

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