Older women

I want to pleasure my mother in law she is super sexy I can't stop looking at her huge ass. I want to bend her over and lick her until she c*** in my mouth. She flirts with me all the time but I'm nervous to do it. Any idea of whats best way to know she would allow this to take place?

Feb 26, 2017

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  • I'm 60 and love being f***** by young me and women. I'm busty 40dd. Shaven plump p****. I go on holiday twice a year without my husband and f*** as many people as possible, often 3 a day. My husband knows this and I keep a holiday diary for him to read when I get home

  • Years ago I seen men being forced into taking my tardviolent tantrum autistic special special sister out on dates and treating her and she was always making out she was great at science but that was her biggest lie among many. I think some rich single and married hot looking men should be made to feel guilty and same with the hot rich successful chicks into helping single disabled girls find a husband to look after them because everyone always ignores me when I was 20 I was not pitied and helped no one helped me find a hottie to pity me and kicked up the bum to ask me out. its always been spazy ugly girls who rompa-room around and married s**** or divorced s**** who get men over me. I want to be pitied and helped to find a hotty rich cool classy man like others have been, I was never born with the attitude like "well the world owes me a living" but come to think of it most of the most successful b****** were borning thinking that and tell you you shouldn't however. maybe its time I really did think the world owes me a living and a life and a lifestyle and rewards for all the good I have done and all I gave to others that I wanted for myself.

  • I don't get it?

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