I hate women, they can be so full of themselves, I realized all they want is either money, or looks, it don't matter if your nice, They use you and abuse you. I HATE THEM. Why is there no nice girls in this world, why can't anyone love me? S**** em, From now on, I ain't looking for women, they'll be looking for me, I'll be an a******, seems like that's all they care about, It would be better to beat the s*** out of them, and dump their ass for some other broad. After all it seems they only care about those men. I've changed Goodbye M.r. nice guy, hello a******! lol!

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  • Well, if that's what you're gonna do, that's what you're gonna do. I don't know what "men" are like, but I don't think that you can know what "women" are like either...
    Even I don't REALLY know what we're like.
    So I hope that you smiled today, genuinely, if not for a woman for yourself or a friend or anything really...
    And yeah, I know that I'm weird :P.
    You may now begin to insult me.
    Or ignore me. That's okay, too :).
    Have a nice day. (And hurting people will make it stop being a nice day.)

  • Uh- YOU picked 'em, sweetheart and just because you make lousy choices in women doesn't mean they're ALL bad. My guess is you're looking for someone to kiss your ass and climb up your butt even when you're being a dumbshit just the way mommy did but are just now finding out you're not going to get the same treatment from all women all the time. Sorry reality hit you in the face with a brick but it's time to come back down to earth and get real. Reassess what you want and try to figure out whether or not your expectations are on an even keel with reality. I'm thinkin' right now, it's not even close.

  • The problem is the message and expectations being created by today's media. Women are supposed to go for the strong, rough, muscular guy, who comes off as an a****** - but can be miraculously changed by his sweetheart's love. What bullshit. What you see is what you get. If you date a shallow gold digger who is only interested in you for your looks and/or money don't expect her to suddenly turn around and fall in made passionate love with you and your imperfections. And if you're a weak willed, whiny, milk toast of a nerd she shouldn't expect you to suddenly turn into some six pack toting bad boy with a heart.

    You gotta be real with each other right form the start. I'm dating a smoking hot 21 year old girl who only puts up with my bullshit because I wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills. She told me that herself! And I don't give a s*** because as long as I've got money I've got her sucking my 3" d*** and acting like I'm Peter North in bed.

  • In my English class we had a huge discussion over this topic. I'm a girl. In the class we were reviewing over the play A Streetcar Named Desire and the teacher had all the girls who would rather be in an abusive relationship over a boring awkward relationship... every girl.. every single girl raised their hands.

    But this was exaggerated. We don't want a guy to hit us and be an ass and call us names or make us feel bad.. we just want them to have a backbone. And work hard. And still be able to give us those soft kisses

  • A good personality and a sense of humor will get a guy laid. It sounds like you have neither.

  • Did you ever think that maybe women say the same thing about men? There are tons of men out there who cheat, lie, abuse and make women feel like s***. It is not a gender thing - its a human thing. For every b**** of a woman out there, there are just as many dickish guys. Don't hate women, hate vile people in general. Do not give up looking.

  • Actually you're right. You can be the best person in the world, but I've had more dates as a j*** than being nice.

  • Maybe its because as much as you claim to be a nice guy, women can sense the WAVES of hostility coming of you, and the decent ones steer clear. Be an a****** if you want, but just expect more of the same.

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