I hate his parents

I love my bf. We're in our 20's, been together for years and plan on getting married...BUT I hate his parents. His father is an egotistic, abusive, controlling a****** who doesn't watch what he says. Always insults me and "the way my mother raised me"...I've been nothing but nice and yet he says I have an attitude problem. My bf's mother is a nice lady with no back bone. Always lets her husband talk to anyone with that rude mouth of his. She isn't even allowed to talk to her siblings or go out with them. Am i supposed to just give up my dignity so this a****** can be happy while I'm miserable????

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  • Don't allow his parents to disrespect you. You do not have to take that. If they do not refrain from their actions let your boyfriend know that visits will take place at your house from now on.

  • No, you most certainly are not obligated -- nor should you be asked or expected -- to give up anything in order to be with anybody. And anytime you find yourself vacillating about whether there's a future with you B/F, take a close look at his parents. THEY are what you have to look forward to with HIM. Tread carefully, hun.

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