They Always Want My Sisters.

I have two sisters that are incredibly beautiful and I hate it.
Friends and Family tell them how beautiful they are, but they only tell me that I'm "talented with art".
Random women complement their beauty and tell them right in front of me how absolutely gorgeous they are and how they should model.
Guys are constantly stalking them and trying to hit on them.

And I was okay with that, until I realized that every guy I met was just using me to get to my sisters.
"John" was one such guy.
After months of flirting with him, hopeful that he actually liked me for me, I found out that "John" has a major thing for my sister and was just using me to get to her.
My deepest fear is that every guy I date will leave me for my sisters.
I feel so guilty for being upset over something so shallow as beauty, but I just want to be loved too.

Being the ugly duckling sucks when you know you're never going to turn into a swan.

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  • U need 2 get a name for being the best sucker n town the b****** queen al the guys will want u

  • Love yourself, is all i suggest... obviously, bcos these f...king retards are missing out on you and debasing themselves in l****** after your sisters. Look at it this way: it is a bonus, is it not, being able to see the real person that these boys are when they approach you; you would never have to second guess... if they are after your sisters, you'd know; if they are really after you, you woukd also know for sure! 20120501

  • You may never be as beautiful as they are now, but neither will they. What I mean is, aging is a b****, and someday they won't be young and pretty anymore. Things seem to even out by the end.

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