I am married to a beautiful woman with green eyes and auburn hairs.The only problem is that she has three sisters as much beautiful as her.Two are married(Laura and Sue) and the youngest one not, and she is 32 years old.I have already ** my two married sisters in laws when their hubands/my wife were overseas for their jobs.They are very hot women,and ** like animals!None of them are aware that I am ** the other one .However,the one I wanted to ** so much was Sherilynn the unmarried sister.She knew that I wanted her,and I felt that she was aware that I liked to sniff her dirty **.One night,she stayed home as she had a party not far from our house and my wife had to sleep at her mother's place as her mother was sick.I phoned my wife to tell her that Sherilynn would stay home for the night and she agreed as she was her sister.In fact,Sherilynn came back earlier than expected tellng me that the atmosphere was boring and that she preferred to come home.We talked and joked and we drank some cups of wine.I asked her about her boyfriends and told me that she was not yet prepared to have a long relationship with a boy.I told her that she was very gorgeous and then suddenly she told me"Eh you Matt,do you really have hard ons when you sniff my **?"I was shocked and was wordless!She said"Oh,come on,don't be shy"I won't tell Monika(my wife"My fingers were shaking and told her that I wanted her badly since long!She came near me and we naturally frenchkissed and we we took off all our clothes .We sucked each other's ** and ** and ** till 5 am.She has been up to now the best ** of my life!Believe me or not,Im ** the FOUR SISTERS without anyone suspecting that I am ** the others,apart of course,the three others know that I ** their sister(my wife).I know that i've been playing with fire since five years.Sometimes I want to tell my wife to move to another town.But we have both very good jobs,so I must put this idea aside.I can tell you that in society,during family parties,Im am,at the eyes of all,that Im the most gentle of brother in law and husband!IF THEY KNEW!!Fortunately apart my two children with my wife,no other one has been pregnant of me!I THINK SO!!

Next Confession

i should feel bad........but i totally don't

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  • Homie, THAT situation is fire and you're playing with it. There's no way you're not going to get caught.

  • They all know. They like it.

  • Keep it going and give us more updates

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