My Boyfriend in love with his sisters

Honestly , I have this sick feeling in my gut my boyfriend is secretly having s** with his sisters . I first started noticing things around last year. I've been living with my boyfriend & his mother for about a year and some change now and I've basically heard & seen some f***** up s***. Okay so , one of his sisters and her two kids stays here too but I'll get to her in a second . His other sister comes over here everyday non-stop and she really has me questioning her& my boyfriends true character. For one every time they have a conversation I can never get a word in or she always has to include what she'll do for him all the time. But every time I try to speak on something about him it's straight crickets . I've actually seen him in the corner of my eye knee her in the ass. Also I remember one time I over heard her say something was in pain and then said to her brother "right s***** you was in it all morning ". I thought I was just overthinking but I kept it to myself. Then his other sister has a year old son but the thing is her so called baby dad ran off while she was 5 months pregnant , never came back , and claims the child doesn't look anything like him which is absolutely the truth. Her son looks actually like my boyfriend as if he could be the dad. And even more crazy because his ex girlfriend left him and claimed she didnt want to be with him b/c of the little things she peeped but I still didnt get what she meant and when I asked him he said he didnt know. I'm so lost and Idk if he has me in a crazy predicament or I'm just over thinking something . HELP ME PLEASE ! I honestly don't know how to confront this and I don't wanna start any drama 😟


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  • Incest for the wincest but gay is not Okay 😂 Dead

  • Tbh, I did leave for a couple months and stayed with my mom up until he called me over to talk to me . I TOTALLY FORGOT to add in the last confession that his uncle was the main person going around saying these things that made me question stuff and I actually confronted it in our conversation . Everyone that was involved told me that their uncle is on concaine and has actually been using it sinve they were kids. I don't even peep or see anything crazy now due to the fact that everything was cleared up and his family actually took me in. After coming out to myboyfriend him he reassured me that it wasn't anything going on and that he loves me so much and he'd never hurt me like that . I Appreciate all the advice from everyone and I actually realized that everything was just in my head and it was intentional . ME and him are doing so much better and I feel so relieved 🦋 thanks again guys!

  • You're jealous ways are causing delusional assumptions.

  • Please don't stay there anymore!

  • You sound WAY too presumptuous. If the sister's kid looks a bit like your bf, maybe it is because those people share some of the same genes--it doesn't mean your bf is the dad.

    You sound jealous that he likes to talk to his sisters and doesn't include you enough in the conversations. That is what you need to work on.

  • He's been doing it for years I'm sure, he's not going to stop

  • Lol i guess thats why there is soo much incest stuff on p*** sites

  • Those people are sick. SICK! Don't stay there anymore. Get away.

  • Go. Leave. Run.

  • Your best course is this course: get out now.

  • I'd actually guess that you're paranoid and freaking out about misinterpreted signals. There is likely some jealously aspect of this too, either sub consciously or consciously. You probably need some help and therapy about dealing with your issues.

    I'd further guess if you do actually bring this up, what you'll actually achieve is make everyone realize what issues you have, depending on your relationship and how you bring it up this could either be a deal breaker, or everyone will realize you need to get help.

  • There is no way you can possibly confront it, or deal with it, or avoid drama. This is a very complicated, very messy situation, but you can't fix it. You simply need to leave, NOW, before you become tainted (or worse, influenced) by it. This isn't going to improve, with or without your intervention. You need to find another place to live, TODAY, and stop seeing this guy and his very f*****-up family, TODAY. Get out while you can.

  • This website isn't the right place for advice. You're going to get f***** up replies, mainly from f***** up people.

    Why don't you record things and gather intel, by doing your own investigations. Right now, it's based on your words only. We can't help you, because we aren't in your predicament and there's no solid evidence of anything, besides what you've stated.

    If you feel like there's something inappropriate going on, between your boyfriend and his sisters, why don't you just leave? Why would you want to live in his families home, with his mother, sisters and his nephew/possible son anyways? You aren't in a relationship with his family, you're with him.
    Possibly suggest, renting your own home together. Are you both financially able to? are you both, still in high school?

  • You could make it a threesome

  • Trash!

  • When you ask for advise on a stupid web site like this, then you get stupid s*** for answers.

  • True

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