Relationship help!!

Right I've got a bit of a situation... I was with this girl for almost two years so obviously in that time she got friendly with my family, she didn't treat me very well for the most part so I ended it. But, here's the thing I find weird, her birthdays coming up and my mom and sisters are going to her party... Is this weird? What's going on? I'm so confused by this because anytime my sisters were treated badly I've always been right there defending them.

Thanks to anyone who helps!

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  • maybe she likes your family but you don't see that. and maybe she likes you too. who knows?

  • Maybe they're just friends. If it bothers you just tell them

  • I have told them but they don't listen, it only bothers me because all I ever hear is things about her and it's a pain in the ass!!

  • Sometimes it happens that our exes become friends with other family members and it can get awkward. Maybe they think you can handle it. What you should do is just get a new girlfriend and try not to let it bother you. It will eventually ease up.

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