Just angry

Now, i know this kind of dumb. And some people will say its normal or something like that; but i think im getting a little too jelous when my best friend (shes a girl, im a guy. Im 15 by the way) talks to someone else more than me. And right now, im not angry at her for talking to other people. Im angry at myself for getting so jelous because of it.

Any tips, comment, or whatever?

Apr 6, 2011

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  • You sound like a total p****.

  • Jealousy can be normal in all different types of relationships. It depends on how intense it is. Like if the jealousy turns to anger. Maybe you like her more than a friend. It couldn't hurt to just speak to a therapist and just talk about what you're feeling. It may help you sort it all out.

  • Uh, even if you were in a relationship with this girl, feeling jealous because she's talking to other people would be controlling and unacceptable. You should get this intense jealousy thing under control before you have an ACTUAL relationship with a woman. Get help and get it in check, or things will not bode well for any future relationship you have.

  • yeah i feel like that too. jealousy is just normal.

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