Very Long!! (3yrs time frame) Need

Very Long!! (3yrs time frame) Need advice Pleasseee

So my really close guy friend told me he liked me 2yrs ago, but I never thought of him more than just a friend and when he asked me I rejected him ( I told him that I didn’t have the same feelings he had and I wanted to be just friends< I didn’t know what else to say at the moment cuz I was really surprised). (he said he would ‘wait for’ me)
Things turned out weird after that, (like I’m bff with his sister too and I would see him a lot + the fact that are family‘s are close friends & sort of neighbours), his friends told me that he still really really liked me and he wasn’t going to give up on me.. So I decided that I should just take a break from seeing him for a while ( I didn’t see him for like 3 months). Of course He started talking to me, and I would talk to him back (I didn’t want our friendship to completely disappear), when he talked to me it was like before everything went weird. And I started to think that he finally got over me.
By then the new school year (we’re both in high school) had started and I was hoping he would meet new girls and like one of them.. BUT he still liked me. His friends would try so hard to persuade me to give him a chance (say yes to being his gf) but I would be lieingg to myself and him if I did that. His friends were really annoying me SO MUCH they made me feel so bad of myself that I was a b**** for rejecting him. When the guy told me he still liked me again, I told him almost the same answer as the first but he also found out that I liked another guy. THAT’S when he moved on..he started liking this girl (1 yr younger than us & shes his best friends cousin) and he askd her to be his gf.. she rejected him and told him that she’d already like this guy. But again, he said he would wait for me..
We started to hang out again ( thinking he’d already gotten over me & not knowing what happened with that other girl). I would hang out with him, his sister, and one of his friends. (BTW I got over the guy I liked before.) So his friend would see me all the time becuz him and my used to-be ‘close guy friend’ would come over my house/ we’d go out a lot as a group. (we also talkd online/phone). That’s when his friend told me he liked me.. and I liked him too but I never told him. We hung out almost everyday of the summer break and he would flirt with me a lot. Until one day right before we were going to go out (with my close guy friend, my bff) and were waiting for him at my house..he called me and told me ‘he was joking’ about liking me (my ‘close guy friend’ who ‘used’ to like me was there beside me when he said that). A lot of things was going through my mind..I guess he was trying to hurt me on purpose for hurting my guy friend..and all I said was ‘okay’ (and he hung up). We still went out that day as a group..I felt so uncomfortable/mad/sad/annoyed/etc, but I put on a smile . My guy friend and bff didn’t kno what he told me. Then he tells me online that my close guy friend likes me again (and also about that the other girl that rejected him). He said that he felt that I should give my close guy friend a chance (to be his gf) and also that he himself did like me, but didn’t want to hurt his friend (but I said I only liked my guy friend as a friend). (SORTA CONFUSING I KNOW).
He tells my guy friend that I liked him..and soon all his friends know. One of them confronts me about it becuz my guy friend doesn’t want to get hurt bad again. After that, his friends tells my guy friend (that it was a misunderstanding) and he confronts me. He spills his guts to me (about liking me/ how I hurt him bad/ how he felt/ thought that I was mad/hated him/ and how he would accept with just being friends) so he could FINALLY get over me (he also said again for the 3rd time he‘d wait for me). Of course I listened and set him straight on a few things (that I was never mad at him or hated him)..and he felt much better. (8 months passed, since we last hung out )
He falls for the girl again who had rejected him..this time she likes him back. He also starts hanging out with me again.. ( I just got out of a relationship a month/2 months ago) .. And we start going out/ chilling alot (he would come over almost everyday to chill w/ me and my bro). I’ve realized He’s always been their for me and always made me fell better when I needed.. And the more we hung out the more I ACTUALLY started to like him ( I guess I never took a good thorough look at him). I didn’t know if I should tell him how I felt (it would complicate things since I hurt him so much and since he spilled his guts and everything to get over me. So I decided to drop it.) THEN I find out that he askd that girl for the second time to be his gf..and she says YES. (I didn’t find out till 5 months later..cuz he never told me). It didn’t help the fact that I still very much liked him. I still see him almost every week (now I work at the restaurant his family owns too) his sister and I are still bff. I still like him.. A big part of me is saying for me to let him go..and another part is telling me to tell him.. What should I do?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • just f****** tell him.

  • Agreed, you can't afford not to!! Don't waste any more time... You two need to get together and give it a try...if he's been interested that long, he must REALLY care for won't meet many like him......

  • Nope. Didnt read a word of this one.

  • ^^ Agreed, you can't afford not to!! Don't waste any more time... You two need to get together and give it a try...if he's been interested that long, he must REALLY care for won't meet many like him......

  • Tell him.

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