I have been to so many weddings this year. My friend, my sister, my boyfriend's cousin and more to come! My newly divorced dad is getting married to his girlfriend, and now... my 18-year-old cousin. When I found out about my cousin getting married, I was so angry. Yeah, because I'm tired of people getting married right out of High School. How can you get married when you still live with your mom? When you couldn't even support yourself if you DID move out? And more importantly, you've only known this guy for about 3 MONTHS.

Yes, I'm angry about all that. But, I'm jealous too. My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. We know we want to get married. But we're waiting until we are financially stable, and have a place of our own. But it seems so far away... I wish we could just do it now.

Oct 9, 2011

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  • can't you just be happy for the people in your life getting married? good to see you and your boyfriend have planned ahead, you two are very smart. doesn't sound like you have to be jealous of anyone, you seem to have a good thing going. i don't think it should matter when people choose to get married. i don't even know why there's such a huge fuss about marriage anymore, or why other peoples decisions affect your life so much.

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