Wish I was a woman

I was surprised to find out that this is actually a thing. It's called autogynephilia.

I am totally heterosexual. Which means I like having s** with women. Nude guys turn my stomach. But at the same time, I'm always thinking how great it would be if I could be a woman.

Near as I can figure, the psychology behind it is that guys like me love women. We love them so much, we want to be like them.

When I see a beautiful woman, I don't think "damn, I want to have s** with her." I have thoughts like "I wish I looked like that", or "I wonder where she got that dress?" I like to look at bridal and evening gowns instead of p***.

I fantasize about having a girlfriend who goes along with this and lets me pretend to be a woman, and we move to a new city where nobody knows us, and live as sisters.

Apr 7, 2011

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  • DUDE me too!!!!!!! i have had the same thoughts :/ sucks eh? sometimes i have thought about just living a girl life havin sleepovers, f***, im so nuts that if i think about being a girl annd having a sleepover i would think about who'd i invite and i actually have counted ma friends 6 girl friends 2 boy friends i loved shopping with my mom (knew i wanted to be a girl) i would tell ma mom im going to look at clothes but i would actually just look at tank tops and bras and stuff but, god the look people would give me, kinda p***** me off ima teen 17 i have talked to ma friends about it id get the same question are you gaY? i would say no the thought of having s** with a guy made my stomach turn and i would NEVER i mean NEVER have an operation i have had gf's and recently lost my virginity. good luck, with life maybe its just a curiosity thing good luck dude and dont take no s*** if someone finds out, insults you, lauhs at you kick there f***** ass i have gotten in a fiht with my lil bro over it a fist fight he is only a year younger than me i didnt hurt him too bad anyway, my point is your not alone. my friend and dont take no s*** dont let anyone find out except family and friends.

  • I'm not real clear on the definitions. But one key for me is that I want to be a normal, pretty woman. I do not want to have an operation so I can be a 6'2" lantern jawed freak. (and BTW I have absolutely nothing but respect for the TG community - I'm using the word 'freak' because that's how I'd feel.) And I thought, but maybe I'm wrong, that most TG folks are gay.

    If you look up autogynephilia, that's exactly how I feel.

  • Being transgender has nothing to do with sexual orientation. People who are transgender can identify any number of ways, just like people biologically born into their preferred gender. And I am sure that most transgender woman would ideally like to be considered "pretty" women, as do most biological women. But sometimes the goods you've got don't let you...

    There is a whole spectrum when it comes to gender identity (maybe you're just into the idea of cross dressing? There's defintley a lot of straight guys who like that) I think the thing for you is, is it just a kink or do you really want to live as woman? If you just wanted to be a woman when you had s** but otherwise wanted to live life as a man, then it doesn't sound like you are transgender. But you said yourself you want live as outwardly as a woman in a community where no one knows you, so...

    No matter what, there's a lot of open minded women out there who, if you're an awesome person, would probably be into whatever you're into (once you figure out what that is).

  • Do you mean transgender? There are plenty of male-to-female individuals out there who are attracted to females.

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