Curious girl

I confess I'm confused. I've always had s** with guys been attracted to guys.... But I also have always appreciated a beautiful sexy woman clothed or not. Lately I have these thoughts of sexually being with a girl.. I like the idea, I want to touch a woman naked and see how it feels to have a woman kiss my body and touch me it drives me crazy. I just have yet to find this gorgeous girl who is willing to expieriment with me... Most girls my age are just into guys and the ones who aren't that I know I'm not attracted to. I confess I want to f*** a girl. A threesome would be nice too..

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  • Cool :)I myself would love a threesome

  • Look lesbe honest , you got curiousities , why not go for the less attrctive girl . Have a sexuale adventure , if you like it , fine . if not well you tried, my suggestion take it slow intill your comfortable . then try another girl your young have fun in life

  • Get on it...

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