Me & my sisters man

Me & my best friend are SO close .. i mean we are lyk sisters so evrytime she gets a bf that'll be lyk considered my "brother". so my best friend got her a bf named josh..and josh, wen i first met him was nice & sweet to me & her but thn i started gettin into arguements with him over stupid stuff and thn one day he lyk cussed me out thn said sorry to minutes later nut i didnt except it for a while so my best friend tried her hardest to bring us back together as brother and sister....

so one day outta nowhere josh went on my fb and askd for my at the time i was goin wit my best friend's ex (my best friend actually set us up toghether) and josh and i started to txt...and we started to get along...and one day him and my friend got into an arguement and i had to save them b4 they broke up so i did and he started sayn things lyk " you're the best sis ily" and i thought it was jus a brotherly love but i later found out josh loved me way more than i thought he josh he is FINE and i kinda lykd him to and one day i calld him and he says "if im ur" and my mouth would jus drop and the day after their !month anniversary josh says to me " i love u alot {my name} u are so laid back and cool, and i wanna b with u" and i said bein the backstabbing b**** i am said "i've been thinking the same thing ily2" well 2 minutes later we were talkn nasty to one another all night long and we have been ever since... i still go with my bf and he still goes with my best friend but they dont know about us.....last nite i sed ily bby in his facebook inbox and my best friend saw it but we told her it was jus a joke we were playn on her....and she believed us so now evrything is back sneaky & perfect agn and me & josh are planing on getting married when we graduate from college and try not to tell no one outside the family....but me and josh are SO deep in love with each other....i think god put my best friend and him together just so we cud meet.....and p.s. i know how to spell i jus used txtin words here and there sorry :)

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  • This story blows. What are you, 11?

  • Oh hon, I tried reading this, but it was just, incomprehensible. To start with, like is not a necessary word to use 90 percent of the time. You also have a distrubing lack of and/or confusion when it comes to vowels. Also, periods are your friends, and you should use them to separate each different thought you have. Ellipsis (those are these things:...) are to be used when you omit a word or for an incomplete thought, not to separate clauses and phrases. I don't mean to pick on you, but it was very difficult to understand anything you wrote.

  • lol! Nice lesson there commentor no. 1. It took me about 20 minutes to read throught the thing, but it basically comes down to the fact that she's a pathetic excuse of a best friend and girlfriend who's f****** her best friend's boyfriend behind her boyfriend and best friend's backs.

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