I'm a Virgin.

My hormones have been acting crazy lately.
I think I want to lose my virginity and have s**.

any advice?

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  • F*** offff

  • have s**

  • Take it slow, as great as s** is....most of the time, don't get caught up by what you think it is, wait for some one who when they touch you you feel safe and secure and it will be better than just getting f***ed by some D**K

  • I'm in EXACTLY the same boat, holy h***. Some days I just want to rip the clothes off the nearest available male. But I think I'd actually regret not saving my first time for someone who I really love, I want to do things slow and right the first time, not just because I'm super h****.

    So....uhh, limit the masturbation and p*** for now. It helps, trust me.

  • Sounds like you're a pretty normal virgin. I also suggest you wait. I was like you, curious as h*** and just wanted to try it, and the first time I had s** was with this guy I wasn't really into. It wasn't horrible, and I don't regret it nor did I feel like a s***, but I now realize that waiting totally would not have been all that hard. I mean, you only get your first time once, might as well make it count.

    So, just get yourself off. A lot. The right time will come sooner than you think.

    And to the commenter above, lose those 19th century standards. If you can't handle the idea of women (including the one you'll fall in love with) as sexual beings who have had s** before they were with you, you aren't as open minded or liberal as you claim to be.

  • Dont do it because it wont be worth it. Most people that lost their virginity just because they were h**** always regretted it or felt like s**** after. I would literally kill myself if the girl i love wasnt a virgin because the thought of her being with someone else would break my heart too much. Thats why you have to watch what you are doing and not just make it easy since you only have it once.

    and no i am not some prude or conservative. Im very liberal and open minded but I am a romantic who knows whats best.

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