What is going on?

I've been doing my own thing and about a year ago I noticed strange lights that flash like a camera and they'd appear out of nowhere.recently I had see what looked like a person pop up with a camera and take a photo about three times in different places like a ghost.am I going crazy?this is freaky

Apr 29, 2015

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  • Might have someone trying to take pics of you creepily.

  • GHOSTS are real. just youtube kelliintheraw :)

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning. get your house tested, you're hallucinating

  • Probly shuld c an optometrist. Vitriol tears maybe. Which isn't so bad if it's just a few occurances, but if it's happening more and more frequently it's not good cuz it means ur retina is about to detach from the bak of ur eye.

  • A stalker, maybe ?

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