People that i love

OK well i am 17 years old and i did something that will i never forgive my self i was over my ex's house and we where just friends at the time and we where talking ans she looked into my eyes and i looked into her's now me ant my girlfriend kind of never see each other and i needed some one my ex kissed and i wanted her but i was not thinking how do i say that i am sorry so my girlfriend and her family and love and trust me again we are back together and engaged nit my ex my Girlfriend but deep inside i hate myself for what i did i want thing back the way they where before all this i need an answer please i love her

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  • Honestly. Read what you wrote out loud to yourself. You will be shocked.

  • What in the f*** are you talking about? I know you're trying to say something here but what is it? I can't understand! For the love of all that's holy, PLEASE return to seventh grade grammar class immediately!

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