My prison

I wish i could escape the construction of sentece. The toughts are unique . Every one of them as they flow. To record them is fairly impossible for me. The language doesnt serve me in its purpose of communication. Not as much as i feel it could. I wish i could break the logic of sentence. The subjects and verbs. The system of speaking . To express myself fully. I wish i was poet or an artist in any way. That prison of my logic chokes me sometimes. Only in rare situations i find a way to truly speak. And sometimes, only sometimes when we speak our eyes meet and i can see you truly understand what i feel. Those moments are important to me.

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  • haha dudeeeeeee. this is kinda awesome. props mang

  • Since the language doesn't serve you in its purpose of communication I suggest you whine when unhappy, yelp when in pain and wag your tail when happy.

  • ^Lol, LOVE IT^

  • Have you ever tried to simply say "I go to the store" instead of "I express myself in space an time, moving randomly from one place to another, hoping that my shell will finally enter the trade exchanger checkpoint?" If not, give it a try; it may help!

  • There you go again. Conspiring verbs and nouns? Thwarting your articulation? You're not as smart or deep as you think you are. Maybe some people will fall for that b.s. but ultimately it just makes you look like a douche.

  • ultimately, it shows you have put time into what you are saying. personally, i play very friendly with sentence construction. my grammar may not be perfect, but it's sure as h*** a lot better than a lot of other people's. let me simplify this for you. "conspiring verbs and nouns" means that verbs and nouns are working with each other to fight the writer. "thwarting articulation" means that those nouns and verbs are making it very hard the writer to say what he wants.

  • It would help if you stopped trying so hard. That means stop writing in riddles.

  • expand your vocabulary. those are not riddles.

  • They -are- riddles. the primary purpose of language is to communicate. if you are not communicating, what's the point of using language? op is not being perspicacious, they are being obtuse. if you don't know what those words are, expand your vocabulary. i think i made myself pretty clear here.

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