Im a coward

Im a coward...
Im doing my graduation, and i found out in December that i have been detained for a year because i couldnt clear one of the papers. I was shattered, and i havent been able to gather the courage to tell this to my parents for 4 months. I just dono what to do.. I feel like im a coward!!!
I was a topper in school, and was well above average in pre-university. But since the time i joined university for graduation, ive not been myself. My marks have been well below par to say the least.
Im an introvert, and have a limited circle of friends. I dont smoke or drink, nor do i have any addiction. I dont even have a girlfriend.. I just havent been able to concentrate on anything for the past 2-3 years. I dont know why..
My relatives think that im the most intelligent in the family, and my mom has very high hopes on me. Now im feeling that ive let everybody down, and im embarrassed to meet and talk to anyone, im avoiding my friends too..
I had a lot of hobbies 2 years back, but now the only thing i do is sit in front of the tv and surf the channels.
My parents trust me, and still think that im attending classes, but i actually go to the library or the park and head back home..
I cant lie to my parents anymore, i dont want to lie to anyone. But i dont have the courage to tell the truth.. If this goes on a few more days, i fear that i may go crazy..
I request anyone to please advice me on this, i cant take this anymore...!!!
please advice!!


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  • You need to take a deep breath and trust that everything will fall into place. Stop being so h****** yourself. Your first order of business, stop lying to your parents and yourself. Sure, telling your parents won't be easy. They may be disappointed, but they love you and want to see you succeed. Once you tell them it's out in the open. Then get back on track. You've put too much pressure on yourself and have lost motivation. So instead of pushing through, you're chosen to sit back. Go speak with a counselor at school and then even speak with a therapist. You're young, intelligent and your entire life awaits you. You'll meet friends and a girlfriend. Do not let this minor set back defeat you. Just get back on track, refocus and everything will start to fall into place.

  • Oh and P.S. you're not a coward, you're human. We are always our own worst critic.

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