Ranting Confession

I confess that I hate how people on this website treat others.

Some people may be lying and bored, but I have posted honest confessions on here and every single time, someone says they're "fake."

Do you want proof? Does the situation seem unrealistic? Well, it's not. It's my life. I'm sorry you can't accept that as being real.

This website is for confessions, for people to tell their story- based off of guilt or relief or anything. It doesn't matter.

My confession of this moment? I just tend to be so bitter. I used to be incredibly happy but growing up seems to make me sad and angry.

I feel like our world's becoming harsher and faker. People, seriously, how would you like it if someone called your raw truth a lie? Maybe it doesn't matter to you but just think about it.

I don't care if this doesn't even count as a confession anymore. I'm just done. I'm done ranting to the internet.

I will do something with my life. It may be big, or it may be small, but guess what? It'll be real.

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  • FAKE!

  • This confession is a bunch of bullshit, go back to your imaginary sister f****** life.

  • Getting upset about anonymous internet trolls is silly. For each one of those on here there are five or six people who honestly try to understand your issues and offer advice or comforting words.

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