Confessions vs fictional stories

I thought this website were solely for,
actual confessions! Some confessions I believe are genuine.Some are fictional stories that people post; to seek attention of many forms.These particular stories,are what you call,"wishful fantasises" "secret desires and dark fetishes" I guess in a way,they're confessions of some sort.But why do some people,"lie about them" why try to seek people's attention from them.
I believe these dis-genuine confessions are offensive,towards the OP that submit,true confessions.Especially those,that reveal their genuine traumatising confessions such as; being raped and abused as a child-the comments they receive are diabolical,beyond
disturbing and disgusting at times.
If you read enough of them,it makes a person realise even more sore,how disturbed and inhumane,some human beings are.
Finding this website has been a blessing in some respects,as I've managed to confess my true feelings about some things,on this website.However,I can't unread and unsee,some of the diabolical things on this website.It's made me realise more so,than mankind is truly f***** up.I haven't lost hope in mankind,but I'm more aware of it's rising short comings.I'm a part of mankind and no I'm part of the problem aswell as the solution.
But,I hope that there is better out there,on the other side.

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  • You seem very sheltered and judgmental. You wouldn't believe what really goes on in this world................

  • That's your opinion.Even if I don't agree with it, I still respect it :)

    Respect and peace :)

  • People fake much of their interactions with others, so I don't really see their actions on anonymous sites to be all that surprising. They spend their entire lives trying to cultivate an image of culture, or wealth, or charity, or whatever idealistic value they want to be perceived as, when the truth is that we all feel jealousy, and inadequacy, and a host of other self-doubts that we work to get past on a daily basis. I wouldn't be offended by people who need to fake experiences to get their ego stroked. Their fictions don't in any way diminish your experiences. They do steal your thunder a bit, and I think that's what really irks you - because you *deserve* the attention and they don't. But if you're on here trying to attract attention for what you have been through, then you're not all that different than they are. Both you and them want someone to connect with.

  • I agree with majority,of what you've conveyed.
    However,I didn't confess on here,because I deserve attention or/and trying to seek it.I honestly wanted to confess my deepest secrets anonymously.I knew I'd feel more at ease confessing them anonymously,rather than to anyone I know.But I guess it's not really anonymous,when you're confessing on a website,that's exclusive to everyone.But at least,my conscience is more at peace,as no one knows me on a personal level,here and I'm don't care about what people say,inregards to my confessions on here,because that's not the reason why,I confessed my sins/secrets.
    I could've kept them to myself,as no one would know.But my mind felt more at ease,confessing them somewhere.I'd have felt worse confessing them to a priest and keeping them,to myself.
    However, in regards to other people's confessions on this website, I do read them out of human curiosity and nosiness :)
    I wouldn't usually comment,because who am I to judge anyone.But I only comment on people's diabolical and cruel comments,they've left OP confessors,I don't leave comments in regards to OP's confessions.That's the difference with me :)

    Thank you however, for articulating your point across well and understanding partially,what I meant within my OP :)

    God bless and one love x

  • Error- I meant I don't deserve attention and wasn't trying to seek it- within the above comment.I made an error.My bad :)

  • I understand your intentions, and I didn't intend to insinuate your posting was motivated by getting attention, but rather, that when one confesses, whether it's done anonymously or otherwise, the reactions of the people you are confessing to play a part in how satisfying a confession is. People choose to confess on a site like this because there is an audience of real people to listen. If the audience wasn't necessary to the confession, then you'd just as well confess at home alone in the shower instead. But we confess here - because there is something satisfying about knowing there are real people listening. So that is the "attention" or "connection" i'm talking about. Nonetheless I can tell from the way you speak that you're a very decent person, so know that we're all very glad to have you here on the site, no matter what the trolls have to say.

  • Very well said!

  • I agree x

  • This post is total fake!!

  • I don't think it is

  • Put a space after a comma. So, like this. Not,like this.

  • Duly, noted :)

  • Dudely noted ;)

  • The Dude abides

  • People are different online than they are in real life it's like when people drive they're willing to flip the bird over nothing

  • I agree :) But online, are people being their true selves? Verbalising their; hidden desires,dreams,thoughts and fantasises?
    If yes,that's coolio.As some things we just can't verbalise or act out,within our daily social lives,as it maybe deemed inappropriate and so forth.However, that said, some of evil/diabolical things people say,to those who maybe genuine, in confessing their traumatic experiences/memories,are heartless and inhumane.That's what makes me question, what sort of people,we all really are inside.
    But it's cool,we're all human and not without our faults.We wouldn't be human otherwise :)
    It would be great for some people,to show compassion and thoughtfulness,when commenting or contemplating commenting, on someone's traumatic experiences, instead of being crude and degrading x

    I'm just a gentle soul :)

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