Secretly Bad Teacher

Being a 4th-5th grade teacher nowadays is a pain in the ass. Not only are the students thick-headed, they're little perverts. They sexually harass me and each other. I get pinched, groped, and get vulgar notes and e-mails. The administration is useless because they care more for avoiding scandal and bad press than they do for educational standards.

We finally had a teacher-student s** scandal a few months ago, and the teachers were warned not to speak to reporters. The official word was that it was an isolated incident.

After that some of the other teachers quit. I couldn't because I need the medical coverage and the paycheck. I began ignoring them, no mater what. This led to an escalation in the harassment.

I think I'm beginning to crack. I'm having erotic dreams of my students. I caught myself responding to their e-mails and even replying to their vulgar flirting in class.

I need to drink. Or stop drinking.



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  • My older sister is the "Hot Teacher" at her school, and, regularly gets hit on, grabbed, and handled by the boys (high school, not what you teach). Takes it all in stride and says "It's all in fun", as long as they don't get too rough or get caught. It's better now, but, early on, when she was fresh out of college, she got moved to high school from lower levels, and, the boys, back then..Had a field day with her. Would toss her into bathrooms, follow her to her car, pick her skirts up, or corner her after class.

    Since she's more experienced, and, though older, still the Hot Teacher, she keeps the potential really bad stuff at bay fairly well. And is ballsy enough to give them their own medicine, comments right back when they make them about her body, make requests (typically graphic requests), or things like that. Knows most of their social lives, and puts them in their place. Yes, they get away with more physical stuff with her than anyone else, but, she knows how to manage it.

  • just do your professional job the way you were taught to. i doubt that involved any groping or vulgar notes. i was a victim of suxual abuse from a teacher and it is in the teachers power and trust to be able to stop behavior when it gets unacceptable or inapporpiate. you have a responisbitlity to do so, or find a different job if you think you cant handle it. its not a joke, it can seriously mess a kid up to do anything like that at a young age.
    And as for the person who commented above, if the main story person ever did act on it the most they would recieve is like 6 months or some s***, because the justice system cares more about rehabilitating criminals than the seeking justice for victims. its sad. the best thing to do if your kid is in a situation like that is to find a large object and repeatidly strike the teacher with it until there is no brain function left. GOD I HATE THIS WORLD

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