Sister in law

So i must confess, I have been f****** my sister in law for over 5 years now. She is so f****** hot that I can not stop thinking about her. We tell each other everything, and I can talk to her about things without her getting weirded out, she lets we explore our sexuality in ways that neither of us could with our spouses.

We're both in our 30's I use the p**** pump on her and she loves it, I spank her tight little ass and she loves it, the s** is absolutely amazing.

Recently she has taken interest in another guy, and Im not totally sure how I feel about it. I know the guy, and Im cool with him. I dont think he knows that she would actually welcome his advances. Truth be told, I actually would like to see him get to experience how hot of a f*** she is.

Ive given her my blessing to f*** the guy, Im not sure if she is going to go through with it though.

Im writing this post, because I cant stop thinking about it. Im not upset that I might have to share her. Im just a bit jealous because I remember what it was like to first take the plunge, the thrill of the chase, and the final victory when you conquer and finally do the deed.

I know some of you are going to judge, and call her a w****, and me a dog. Thats the beauty of this website, you say what you may, but you dont know us, we could be the neighbor next door in New York, or a stranger in another country making this post.

Or it could be all made up!

U never know!!

There.. all better, got it off my chest.

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  • That should read "Gay Male"

  • I'm a "Gale Male" and I've been doing it with my "Brother-In-Law"...Wearing my Bra and Panties.

  • That should read "Gay Male".

  • I am doing the same thing , don't know how to stop

  • i think this is a good story, maybe she is a nympho and after f****** you she will f*** someone else and just continue to get more "so called trophies" , best of luck to her.

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