Letting him go..

So i was talking to this kid and he was amazing we talked on the phone a lot, ya he was a little younger but he acted somewhat mature for his age. i liked him so so so so much and then his mom called me and i was told i couldnt talk to him or have any contact with him. that made me really sad but i slowly got over it.. once he was gone and out of me mind i got a fb msg from him like monday saying for me to send him nude pics to his email i didnt write back and i blocked him bc i didnt want to fall back in love with him. he wrote me again on a different account saying hes really sorry for everything. i didnt write back, again even though it was really hard for me. then yesturday i checked my phone and i had 3 msges from him saying hey and that he sorry ( again ) and that he loves me ( which i beleive ) this broke my heart i want to write him back so so bad and tell him how i feel but i am respecting his mom and not contact him no matter how bad i want to ... i loved him.

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  • This reads like it was written by someone quite a bit older than "the kid." Is that why his mommy cut off all contact?

    Where's the idiot commentator who writes "paedo" all over everything, whether or not it applies? I think it does here. In which case, OP can drown in a sewer where it belongs!

  • Him telling you to send nude pics indicates he's a conspiring little p****. Since you'd just cut off contact he was probably going to use them against you somehow. Do not keep up contact with this guy. If he loved you he wouldn't have asked you to take the risk of having your naked body all over the internet. That's not how you revive a relationship.

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