Long hair.

I have long hair and I'm also a guy. You'd expect me to live a normal school life but no. That's not how it is nowadays in my area. I go to school with kids calling me a girl, referring me to another girl in school who's hair is somewhat identical towards mine. I act innocent, I act naive, but truly, I'm mad. Every single time you make insult about how I look, I put one strand of hair. If you don't like me with long hair, will you like me with no hair? Is that what you want?

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  • if it bothers you so much, cut it?
    buut I personally think guys with long hair are really hot.

    (im a girl) lol :)

  • I love guys with long hair (im a girl btw :P), heck there isnt enough guys with long hair. It's so sexy. F*** what anyone says, long hair is hot ;)

  • odd, i had long hair and the only people that said anything were the jesus freaks. all the girls loved it. don't let that get you down.


  • umm really hun its no big deal *s**** them (personally like guys with long hair) but im biased anyway theyre just being jerks because theyd rather have the attention focused on someone else vs exploiting their own insecurities

  • Are you in high school? It sounds like it. People can be d**** in high school, but the good news is that it will be over before you know it. People tend to be a more accepting as they mature. Plus, you'll have the freedom to get the h*** out of somewhere where people treat you like s***.

  • I understand, I have long hair too, but I use it for comedy. You see, today, we all get judged by our looks, but you see, I think you're cool. I mean to have guts to do it, that's pretty damn awsome. I sometimes get hit on by guys, and I get embarassed by it, and people sometimes blamed me, and called me a f**. so, i understand, so don't cut it off. wear it, and show your pride. Live a long, and silkly life my friend, and wip that hsair back and fourth lol :)

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