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Time the site started allowing pics to be uploaded to go with confessions

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  • Love to post pictures off my daughter's in their panties...

  • Fu_cking paedo

  • All we would see would be the panty boys I fear so no thanks

  • Ummm.....i would say at least the gender of a person commenting or posting

  • Do you read the comments and posts? Most of the time they provide that information themselves.

  • I know that but no every time they mention it. It was so easy to understand WHAT i said but people think they are smart

  • Is it necessary to know every single time? Probably not. And yes, I am smart, thank you :)

  • Go f urself

  • Gr8 comeback lol......

  • No.
    Not at all.
    The amount of peados on here is worrying,the last thing we want is them posting s***

  • I agree. The number of men on here who want to have s** with kids is appalling. The word c*** is censored, yet they are allowed to post their filth. It's disgusting

  • This. If we wanted pictures, we'd log into Facebook.

  • No need, just post a link to the picture instead. However I can appreciate your difficulty, if you don't have a mouse and your right hand is 'busy'.

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