Fate, has finally defined me.

Today I lay here knowing I won't wake up in the morning. I 1400 miles away from home, sitting in a hotel room watching the sun go down. I confess, I deserve this. I cannot live any longer. My souls already been murdered, take my body. I'll leave a note, my organs are to go to those who wish so desperately to live in the world. It's less selfish that way. I get what I want, and so does some innocent child who wishes to see tomorrows sunrise. I read up on how to kill yourself without harming most the organs: as long as they get here in time.
I'm sorry god. I hope that you will understand.
I hope this is and was my purpose.
I have a purpose.

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  • Well? Did he do it?!!

  • some ppl believe if you kill yourself you go straight to h***.... if your religous at all think about that... and it IS a cowardly way out. really, shouldve done it outside, cos somebodys gonna have to clean that s*** up

  • if that was really how you felt, it was your life and yours to do with which as you pleased. it was very unselfish of you to think of others who would like to still live. i wish you peace

  • I hope this isn't a real post. You DO have a purpose and it isn't to die. Please don't do this. I believe in you.

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