I feel like im living in a paralel universe watching the world as it is around me.
My life is empty, it contains nothing, i am living in the shadows. I see everything, I hear everything, but none of it is mine.
I am alone, and a slow calm insanity consumes the way I live.

Im insane, but totally normal.

what is the purpose of living?
what is destiny, and fate?

what if some of us were put here just for the tweaks of other people?
what if we were put here to be a voice for someone? what if we were not supposed to be happy, or love or be loved.

What if your purpose is just to be. To be a confusion, or a challenge for someone else?
What if your purpose is to be the person who buys a ticket before someone wins the lottery?

what if we have no purpose?
left and forgotten, but able to analyse everything

is it real?

Sep 30, 2012

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  • Everyone has a purpose, and it looks like you are starting to find yours.

    Just being, is very important, but just doing is also very important.

    Find balance in whatever you do.

    Destiny and fate can be changed, destiny is the accumulated actions you have taken that will decide where you end up, fate is where you are headed based on more recent previous actions, if you want to change your fate and destiny, change your actions, thoughts and usual habits/way of thinking.

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