Sexually Satisfied But Wrong

That I my gf and I have been together for 5 years now. I love her with all my heart and soul. We have had our ups and downs but have pulled through them. Lately we have been struggling, after the birth of our child, and it has caused ripples everywhere. Our s** life has come to an abrupt halt and it's not because of the baby. She doesn't feel it's right to be sexual and for us to be going through our current issues. I am so sexually frustrated, so I get sexual pleasure from her.............Brother!!! Until further notice, it will continue. I love it. I have always been bisexual and she knew that. She has no idea me and her brother fool around though and probably never will. Get your s*** together girl. I want p****.

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  • L****. I'm the poster. To the two commenters above, kiss my ass. You don't know the extent to where my relationship is. SHE is not in a terrible condition to where she can't have s**. Our child is two months old. My gf is back at work and fully healed from the pregnancy, c-section. She actually weighs less than she did before she was pregnant. She is beautiful and I tell her that every day. She turns me on beyond belief. I get a major b**** every time I see her naked, which is every night as we sleep naked. The duties of taking care of our child is split equally. The household work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc is all done by me, AFTER I leave my full time job. We are struggling, for what reason, I don't know. It mainly comes from her. I provide her with everything she could possible want. Dont you dare try and make it seem I just don't give a s*** about her or her feelings. I give 110% of myself every day. Am I perfect, no, far from it but I try to be everything she possibly needs. She feels like since we argue or bicker we don't deserve to have s**. She feels it more of a priviledge and true to a certain degree but after 5 years, there needs to be more an agreement to the amount of s** that is performed. If I can't get it from her, better her brother than some random girl or dude. I know its wrong and try to resist but he is intoxicating and seduces me every time. Its hard to resist when I am not getting any from my gf. My hand can only do so much. I actully try not to spend anytime with her brother which works for at least 3 weeks but after that, its mr nasty time. Get over youselves and kiss my ass

  • Not to be snarky, but could she have post-partum depression? Or has it always been like this?

  • Kinda been like this, even before the pregnancy. I know what I'm doing out is wrong and believe you me, I wish I could stop. Its just hard. Its hard to be extremely sexually frustrated and super h**** at the same time. Like I said, she turns me on beyond belief. I get major boners lookin or thinking about her. Her naked body sends me into over drive but I get nothing from her sexually, not even a hand job or an extreme kiss. We are having problems but I don't understand why its interefing with our s** life. I mean gosh, a hand job is all I ask for. I ask to go down on her for nothing in return and I still get turned down. WTF!!! So I seek pleasure where pleasure presents itself. Her brother coaxs me into doing things, knowing my stiuation. I find it really hard to say no. But I want to, need to. I just can't.

  • I agree..could be post-partum and she could have even had mild depression from before she got pregnant. She may be really good at hiding it. She just may not feel sexy at all and doesn't want to be touched. Some women lose their s** drive after giving birth. Talk with her about calling her doctor or a therapist. Sounds like she could really benefit from it. Whatever she's dealing with, it's still no excuse for what you're doing..cheating on her with her brother. That is a like a double slap in the face. I don't care how h**** you are or what her brother says, end that s*** now. You say you love her...

  • Hey j*** off,
    If you are having s** with a male, you are GAY!!!
    BUT having s** with her brother! both you and the brother should be thrown in a ditch with the dirt thrown on you!


  • She pushed a (YOUR) baby out of her v*****, and you are having relationship problems, and because of all the s*** that's happened to her body and emotionally, she's not super into s** right now. You have no part in these problems? She needs to get HER s*** together, because YOU want p****? Its not your responsibility to give her body time to heal, or to work with her to fix your relationship? You're a d***, I hope she dumps you.

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