I want my wife back

My wife left me after having several affairs. I'm hearbroken over her, I still love her, I miss her more than anything. I've asaked her to come home a few times but she prefers her life of having s** with lot's of guys. She does not want a relationship with anyone, she wants her sexual freedom. I had a girlfriend who wound up in love with me, I liked her but didn't love her. I dumped her when it seemed my wife was seriously considering coming back, then she had a change of heart and decided to continue living her life as a tramp w****. I went on to using women and had about a dozen sexual relationships in my own retaliation against my wife.I had s** with her friends, 2 of them who were cheating on their husbands with me. I loved the fact I was doing friends of hers, they were married and into cheating just like my wife. You know what I enjoyed the most? I loved blowing my load into of 1 her married girlfriends mouth and watching her swallow and I also took her a*** virginity just to be as dirty sexual as possible, and that woman loved it dirty as it gets. But I still want my tramp wife back, these dirty married sexual pigs can't compete with my wife.

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  • You're just as bad or even worse then your tramp ex wife.

  • I totally and completely understand, and I totally and completely sympathize with you. I finally divorced my wife after she'd had innumerable affairs, and I thought it was the right thing to do, because she broke my heart and because she embarrassed me no end. At first, she was discreet and tried to hide her infidelity. But soon she stopped making any effort to cover her tracks, and she no longer cared whether our friends or my work colleagues would see her out on dates. She didn't contest the divorce, which I had filed thinking that I would shock or scare her into coming home and behaving more conventionally. The ploy didn't work, and we got divorced as soon as the legal delay lapsed. I knew the first week that I'd made a mistake, but I tried to move forward, dating other women, but none of them - not individually or in any combination - could fill the void that my wife left behind. I begged her to come back, but she refused. I still ask from time to time, but so far, no luck. And her reason is the same your wife gives you: she loves to sleep around and have multiple affairs going on at any given time (she dates mostly married men, some of whom are the husbands of her "friends"). I know how you feel, and I wish you the best of luck in getting your lady back home. Happy New Year? Only if we get our women back.

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