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I found out that a girl I was messing with gave me an STD. Or at least I thought she did. The tests came out negative. Anywho, the doctor I went to was near my job which is about 20 miles from home. After taking urine samples the doctor gave me two large pills in case I had what she had tested positive for. Well on my way home I was caught in traffic. The effects of the drug were fast and suddenly I needed to drop a deuce! I was stuck...there was no end to the traffic in site and no off ramp with a restroom close. The traffic picked up and I figured I could make it home. WRONG! I got off the exit and about 100 feet from home my ass exploded like a soda bottle that had been shaken for 15 minutes! It was the wettest, warmest, nastiest thing I had ever felt. And it was all over my light grey leather seats. So I pull into my driveway hoping no one is home and find that 5 or 6 of my friends are there watching a baseball game. I had to call another girl and convince her to go in and get me a change of clothes. I conviced her that I p***** my pants in traffic. It was sad having her toss me the clothes into my sun roof because I didnt want her to smell the nastyness that was hotboxing my car. To this day I think she knows I shat my panteloons.

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  • Things happen. I caught something earlier this year and p ooped myself at work. I had to clean myself up in the restroom as well as I could and wash out my pants in the sink, put them on wet, and wear them for the rest of my shift and for the trip home. Especially as you get older, things like this become more common - I'm 73.

  • :-(.

  • she is a gem. that was a nice thing for her not to tell your buddies.

  • Yeah she was...She dumped me on my 21st birthday because the other girl turned psyco and decided to steal my phone, call everyone in my contact list and tell them we were engaged. Live and learn. Im single now. go figure. :oP

  • woah lol i tought that kind of thing only happens in movies...

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