I still wet the bed

I am a 16 year old boy and I still wet the bed about 3 times a week. When we are away from home my mother makes me wear rubber pants over my good nights so they don't leak. The worse thing is that when we return home she washes them and hangs them on the line in the garden to dry! My neighbors 14 year old daughter asked my mom why they were there and she told her! Now she teases me all the time!

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  • Maybe if i kick you in the ball each night before you go to sleep,you will stop wetting the bed.

  • No that'll make him get testcular cancer. DUMB ASS.

  • Hi,

    my brother had your problem. It's in your head and it may be fear i don't know. go to a shrink and talk it out. I bet you a dirty diaper that you'll quit p****** the bed.

  • Hmmm. Your mom thinks you are not making enough effort to fix your embarrassing problem. Tell your mom you want to see doctor about fixing your psychological problem.

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