Im scared im going to be alone forever

Ive never had a boyfriend or kissed a guy, all my friends have had one most have done it with a guy as well. my excuse was my dad wont let me date. and that i dont care that i dont have a boyfriend, but im really scared to death that im going to be alone in life. i NEED someone to love me, to kiss me and hug me. i know im young and only in high school but i feel like im still in preschool when it comes to love. if i never find love i think i might die...

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  • Go out dres sexy lok 4 fun ul find it

  • everybody feels that way once in a while, specially when you have a lot of extra time in your hands, you overthink too much, remember, your world isn't just home and school, look at the sidewalk, you might see a cute guy who will be attracted to you,maybe at the mall, at the museum, at a ball game, etc.

    And remember to date!!, don't expect to find a nice guy at the first try, men are visual, so we will see your eyes, face and body before we get to know the person, it just takes a little while.

    It takes two people to make a couple, and remember, it's actually harder for us, since we are always expected to make the first move, there must be a guy somewhere terrified of asking you out right now :)

  • you will! my friend didnt have a boyfriend until she was 19. and dont get me wrong here, shes good looking. so its worth the wait. dont worry.

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