im 16 n iv kissed a total of 4

im 16 n iv kissed a total of 4 guys...which is a lot for india!!...i wasnt dating the 3rd...and the 4th is my current, and our kiss was how our relationship started...and the last 2, i kissed them i bad?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I'm 16, and I don't have a love life! But at least I don't have to worry about doing things that I'll regret later!

  • LOL India Sucks if you are a s*** for KISSING only 4 guys! Move to the US, you will be considered a good girl!

  • kissed them...where? *oohh!

  • gee thanks!
    nice to know you care



  • Don't worry you'll be a w**** by american standards soon

  • Its just a freakin kiss!!!

  • Nothing wrong at age of 16. But be cared from now. u have whole life there. do not regreat, learn from fault.
    indian, man, 32

  • ur not even a little slutty... if u think it goes against ur religion, then just dont do it anymore... but other than that... ur young and u are just experimenting... thats wat the teen yrs are all about... but dont let anyone think that ur doing anything wrong, cuz ur not... and besides that, its only kissing...

  • By Indian Standards you are a little s***.

    But normally you would just be a little slutty

  • By Indian standards you are a cheap, dirty, slutty little h***. But in America where I hope you live you're just sheltered.

  • no. im 16 and have gone further than just that. My love life has been soo screwed up. I regret alot of things. And i know some of the guys do too. So long as you think it was right, it's not bad. Don't judge your previous decisions.

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