Why not?

I am 17 and have a sister that is 16. We are both virgins and have never been kissed. We have kissed each other for practice and also have had oral with each other. We play around all the time it feels good and we will always do this. I want to buy a vibrator but am too scared someone will see me go in the p*** place. I use my toothbruth that vibrates instead. We love each other like that and no one will ever catch us.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Learn with and from the sister. My older sister saw herself as my sxual learning tool, and, let me touch, caress, kiss, surprise, and eventually, fk her. We both enjoyed it, and still do.

    First time I touched her mound, I was up late with her as she did a project (some tile thing). Sitting on the floor, leaned over, in her half-open robe, I could see clear down her top, to her navel and trimmed psy hair. She picked up on it, opened her robe, and leaned back, telling me to "do what you're thinking of doing", and asked if I'd ever fingered a woman. Practically directed me to do it to her, so, I did..

  • So, when you fumble around with a boy who has not practiced kissing with his brother, will you look down on him?

    ??? Buy a d****/vibrator online??? Or shop for model and design types, then call to a local adult store and see if they have it in stock? Have them have it ready, go in with cash in hand. Done.
    If anyone asks, you were getting a gag gift for a friends friends bullshit.

  • Do you really think no one will catch you?then you are fooling yourself and so is your sister.The fact that you don't seem to think this is wrong is deeply disturbing.You both need counseling ASAP.

  • dude. thats gross. i mean, incest? ugh. i mean...why?

  • incest boy? You finally got lucky?

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