23 Year Old Chicky And Never kissed a guy's thingy

I am 23 years old and of the female persuasion. I have kissed a lot of frogs looking for a Prince. Even kissed a few guys with some tongue, but I have never kissed a man's thingy. Do girls really do this? And is it yucky?


Bobbie Sue

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  • It's yucky! Don't put one of those things men pee out of in your mouth. Disgusting!!!

  • it's not "yucky" it feels amazing in your mouth! i am a woman and it's awesome!

  • i think it is awesome! and it's even better it you suck it! i love giving blow jobs and the salty taste of c** in my mouth!! try it sometime you might like it!!

  • haha....get your buck teeth fixed first

  • I do wear braces. Will those get in the way? lickys, Bobbie Sue

  • not if you just keep your mouth open and just use your tongue and lips!

  • Thanks! lickys, Bobbie Sue

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