There Is God

Sometimes when Im at my lowest...I vent silently at God before going to sleep and strangely...I ALWAYS get an answer or a sign.

When I wish for something, it always comes true. Little things like I wish the bus moves faster or I wish what I studied last night comes out in quiz or I wish the rain would stop when the train reaches my WORKS.

Since then, I always wish for little things. Once I wished that old man waiting in that long line of queue could get a chair for him to rest - surprisingly, someone brought a chair and the old man sat till it was his turn!

Next time, im gonna wish that all stray dogs get a good home where people would take good care of them. =)

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  • Wish that would happen for me. Sometimes it does, often it doesn't. And that's why I'm an agnostic now. That and I can't believe any kind of loving entity would let a world be run the way this one is.

  • If you think there is a creator of the universe and that it's interest is in you and the benalaties of your life, you aren't thinking clearly.

    And to the person above me using the lame argument that atheism is just as bad. Atheism is rationality, it is what we know at this moment in time. We can't disprove uni-corns either, but we don't believe for a second they exist.

    Take control of your life, don't rely on something that most probably isn't there and doesnt concern itself with you.

  • So you're welcome to have whatever opinion you want, but I have to say that being so firmly athestic is just as much of a buy-in as being firmly religous. I mean the arguement that God can't be proven to exist is true, but by the same token it can't be definetively proven God doesn't exist. You've committed yourself to a paradigm that at the end of the day can't be proven exactly the same way religous folks do. Just saying...

  • I agree there is a god, but I hope God is focused on more important things, like working towards peace and universal love, then he is about making sure busses or that people ace their mid-terms. Who really knows though.

  • go ahead strike me down. hahahahaha.....f*** you dopes, your stupid religions & most importantly f*** your god. if you worship anything you're weak. weak in mind, weak in soul. you need something to believe in that can not be proven to even exist. how about believing in your family or fiends? or do you not have any? prob not. f***** religous losers.

  • id say luck... not god

  • ur a f***** fool & a tool if u honestly think there's a god & that he listens to you. Grow the f*** up you ignorant f***.

  • You could wish that this person would stfu.

  • You're a good person! It's so great to hear you want to use the gift for others and not out of greed. Maybe that's why you're so lucky :)

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