Secretly Broke.

I am completely broke. I get money from student loans and I spent it all. I haven't paid rent in months and I am about to get evicted. I have been sent to Collections for several credit cards. None of my family and friends know how bad my situation is, because I pretend like I have it all together, but I secretly feel like killing myself sometimes because it feels so hopeless. I am supposed to start law school in August and I feel horrible when other people act excited for me when I don't even know if I will be given loans to go. I literally hate people who get money from their parents because this isn't an option for me. I feel like I am destroying my entire future because of my choices.

May 4, 2011

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  • So you have made some poor choices. Hard lesson to learn, but you're young, a lot of people regardless of age don't know how to manage their money. The biggest step you have made is admitting that you need help in your situation. So call on friends and family and be honest with what is going on with your situation. You won't always be in this be in this place. Talk with your banks about consolidating your loans. And whatever you do, continue on your path to law school. You'll turn this around, whatever it takes.

  • You need to stop this. Now. Work with the people you owe money. Get a job or another job. Ask your parents for help but set up a payment plan to pay them back. The mental anguish this is causing you must end.

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