Life sucks again. I lost my prom date and the person I fell for. No one cares right now it seems like... And my mood was fine for the past few days after I lost you.. Then I heard the song Just A Dream by Nelly and I am now just as sad as when we first ended... And who noticed? No one. And if they noticed they wouldn't care because they jus want me to get over it.

May 5, 2011

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  • i knew and i care... so don't think i don't. if i didn't care i wouldn't have chased after you. i love you <3

  • Thank you. I love you too. :)

  • You know, life can be hard. Your first love can dump you, and its sucks. But you know, if you stick it out, it has the tendancy to get better (and then worse, and then better, and then worse, and then better again). Its all part of the adventure.

  • I know. I've experienced enough of the bad then good and so on.

  • Hey. It's going to be ok alright? Don't feel bad, because even though you don't know me or anyone else who posts on here, we noticed and we want you to feel better.

  • Thank you so much. It will happen. I just completely fell for him.. Hard. But I want you people to know I appreciate your comments and care and you're going to go far in life. <3

  • And don't listen to any more Nelly.

  • Hahaha thank you, I'll try not to. :)

  • Get your prom dress and grab your friends and go in a big group. You're putting too much pressure on one night. Have a good time and enjoy yourself. Everything will fall into place.

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