Why did this happen to me!?

I'm a 11 year old girl. As I was younger I had a great life and had a lot of friends ( I was even considered "popular") and my great family was healthy. Then we moved (for the 7th time) to a new home. In the beginning I had problems, I was a emotional little kid. No one liked me here because when I was little I was like, stupid. One weird day, In the beginning of a new grade, I noticed everything. I noticed how stupid I was, I noticed how weird I acted, I noticed how miserable this world can be. I soon noticed why no one liked me, and I changed myself. I acted "cool" and soon it became natural. Soon a lot of people kind of liked me better. The next year was h***. H***. Everyone in my family had a disease, and people started rumors about me and everyone hated me again. I was alone for a long time, but soon I found a girl I used to hang out with. She ruined my life. I USED to hang out with her, and out of no where we stopped, and I didn't remember why. I wish i remembered, this girl is a mega b**** (sorry about my language, just very mad.) and she started the worst rumors about me too. Soon I had only one friend left. One. She was the only one that understood me. We were always very close, but the idiot I was I never noticed how much I needed her. Now my sick family is making us move for the FRIGGIN 8TH TIME MY LIFETIME. Its so far away from my only friend. I need her with me. I've been depressed half my life (since i was 5) and no one cared/cares. I went to my s***** schools councilor's, and they suck. They don't even listen or care! I need someone who cares about me. My family does, but their to sick to get up and be with me. I cry all the time, and school is making my life worse. I have no friends there, my teachers are doing everything in their power to get me left back, and it takes all my time. I wish i can run away from everyone and just cry. I need a break for once, i didn't have a break for 6 years. 6 YEARS. I'm losing myself and i need someone to help me before i give up. I'm just done. And to believe i'm just a little, fat, ugly, 11 year old girl.

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  • Well I hope it's not like this 7 years later. Anh update I'm kinda curious

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