WIsh this was The Office

I really am in love with my best friend. An entire year I have wanted just one kiss and to tell him how much I love him. There have been a few nights when we fell asleep next to eachother or held hands, I even fell asleep on his chest. We stay up until 4 am about once a month just laying there are talking and I have never connected this deeply with a guy, I wish he knew how happy he makes me and there is no one I'd rather be with. But he has a girlfriend and it kills me I was to late in telling him.... I hate myself for hating her, I have never been the jealous type at all but I know I know him better then her, I care more, and thats the only way I can deal with it every day. Knowing that he is happy makes me smile, even though I wish I was the one making him smile. I love him, and if I never get that kiss, so be it. But how it would make me happy... I want just one chance.

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  • This isn't the Office, he isn't Jim and you are not Pam. And you had your one chance. In fact you probably had lots of chances. You know it won't work so you haven't made the move. So find happiness somewhere else. Maybe with Andy or Dwight.

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